Thursday, 16 April 2015

Spring evaluation..

Spring is finally here and so is another blog post from yours truly. For me, here, it is important to write when I want too not when other people are, or not when I feel pressured too. This is an extra thing I do, that I want to enjoy at my own pace. But for those who read and enjoy my posts, I am sorry for how long I have been away. I love fashion and that's what I intend to write about.

Some, maybe too many people, jump to the conclusion that if it is sunny then every body part is seen to the sun. For me, I am not overly keen on hot hot sunshine, mainly for the fact of humidity. I burn too quickly, my hair turns ginger, my freckles come out and my pale skins beams off the sun. Overall I am not a very desirable person to be around.

The fashion as well baffles me and people/companies presume that now there is sun you are qualified to show every piece of print and colour on one dress. Not on. I want to keep plain colours, I stick to my beige, grey, cream, white and of course black and I will still wear jeans. I will still wear jumpers. It's about adapting your wardrobe to what you like, what you feel comfortable in.
Layers may as well be my middle name as that is all I do, so in the Winter (is) coming into Spring I choose less layers. People panic too much when the sun comes out, and chuck anything with a bit of color on, stay calm, take your time, you have at least 3 months of this (English weather depending).

Look at your wardrobe, pick out your favourite clothes, is there a favourite jumper or a good pair of jeans? If so are you not willing to wear these in Spring/Summer? Don't worry, have that colour, material and design in mind and when you can take a trip to some charity shops! It saves me every time. I build up a log in my head of what I need/want. Lately I got myself a big white jumper, perfect to wear with leggings and a pair of my New Balance (thank you girlfriend Jesse). Apart from evenings, no one makes an effort when it's sunny. I still like too, because it's important for me to remain as sophisticated as possible. It's a personal preference. There are such things as a light knitted jumper and lightly weighing denim, so have a look around!

Things to take into consideration this Spring and Summer;
  • Calm down, it's just the sun
  • Don't forget what style and what colour YOU like, not what society/magazines say you should
  • Be comfortable yet respectable
  • Thick layers in Winter? Thin layers in Spring/Summer

Now some inspiration courtesy of Tumblr, my personal Tumblr page is; if you need more inspiration..

Thank you for reading, Sorcha