Thursday, 16 April 2015

Spring evaluation..

Spring is finally here and so is another blog post from yours truly. For me, here, it is important to write when I want too not when other people are, or not when I feel pressured too. This is an extra thing I do, that I want to enjoy at my own pace. But for those who read and enjoy my posts, I am sorry for how long I have been away. I love fashion and that's what I intend to write about.

Some, maybe too many people, jump to the conclusion that if it is sunny then every body part is seen to the sun. For me, I am not overly keen on hot hot sunshine, mainly for the fact of humidity. I burn too quickly, my hair turns ginger, my freckles come out and my pale skins beams off the sun. Overall I am not a very desirable person to be around.

The fashion as well baffles me and people/companies presume that now there is sun you are qualified to show every piece of print and colour on one dress. Not on. I want to keep plain colours, I stick to my beige, grey, cream, white and of course black and I will still wear jeans. I will still wear jumpers. It's about adapting your wardrobe to what you like, what you feel comfortable in.
Layers may as well be my middle name as that is all I do, so in the Winter (is) coming into Spring I choose less layers. People panic too much when the sun comes out, and chuck anything with a bit of color on, stay calm, take your time, you have at least 3 months of this (English weather depending).

Look at your wardrobe, pick out your favourite clothes, is there a favourite jumper or a good pair of jeans? If so are you not willing to wear these in Spring/Summer? Don't worry, have that colour, material and design in mind and when you can take a trip to some charity shops! It saves me every time. I build up a log in my head of what I need/want. Lately I got myself a big white jumper, perfect to wear with leggings and a pair of my New Balance (thank you girlfriend Jesse). Apart from evenings, no one makes an effort when it's sunny. I still like too, because it's important for me to remain as sophisticated as possible. It's a personal preference. There are such things as a light knitted jumper and lightly weighing denim, so have a look around!

Things to take into consideration this Spring and Summer;
  • Calm down, it's just the sun
  • Don't forget what style and what colour YOU like, not what society/magazines say you should
  • Be comfortable yet respectable
  • Thick layers in Winter? Thin layers in Spring/Summer

Now some inspiration courtesy of Tumblr, my personal Tumblr page is; if you need more inspiration..

Thank you for reading, Sorcha

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Mini make-up haul

Hello readers!

I have recently spoiled my poor sensitive skin with some new make up products. I never usually buy myself things so sometimes it can be a waste of money, but thankfully, my skin seems to enjoy these! So if you have combination skin and make up seems to fall off your face as soon as you step out of the door then look no further.

My first item in No. 7 'In The Nude' natural eye shadow pallet, now I never used to be a fan of eye shadow and I rarely use it, but it is amazing what a few puffs of colour can do to your eyes, my skin is very fair and very pale so the smallest amount of anything will do the trick, but it lasting is another story, I easily find a lot of more expensive brands seem good but are actually crap.. this eye shadow pallet lasts and has all the essential colours to wear everyday but to jazz up in the evening if I want, (which is rare). I always used to think, evening looks, smoky eyes, black, white. But with this I can still achieve smoky eye but with nude colours and it looks a lot more human and a lot better in all honesty! 

My next purchase was Rimmel's 25 hour lasting foundation, I have read a lot of other people's blogs on the foundation so I thought I would give it a try, and I was so impressed! I never manage to find a foundation that actually lasts me all day, but this one does that very thing! The foundation is a perfect (for me) combination of thick and runny, it covers my flaws easily and makes me feel so refreshed, not to mention the smell is really good to! Half a pump of this stuff covers me for the whole day and I have never found that! I am so impressed. Like I've said, I am fair skinned, so I went straight to the fairest bottle and it was perfect for me. This is the foundation for me and I am so so happy I've found it!

Another foundation I purchased was Mac's Studio Fix Liquid in shade NW13, (very pale). The feel of the foundation when you put it on your skin is so soft and smooth it's such a lovely glide. However I found with my skin that the foundation really made my skin dry. I never really heard any bad things about the foundation so I never doubted it and I presumed because of the price it was a good investment. However wearing it at work I noticed how dry and flaky it made my skin, I was so shocked and disappointed about this discovery I never really wear the foundation unless I am going for a very natural look, in which I would mix the foundation with Nivea day cream. The colour match was very on point and I was pleased with the make up artist that dealt with me. However the product itse;f and the amount I spent on it really disappointed me.

My final product is Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine in shade 89 'Satisfaction' I was inspired by this purely because my girlfriend has it and I wanted one too.. She got hers in New York and I keep using it, she got annoyed and now here we are. It is such a perfect colour for everyday wear and feels luxurious on one's lips, I never wear lipstick because it dries out my lips and I never have ever worn lip gloss it makes me feel too weird and makes me pull faces with the thought of it getting stuck in my hair. This however leaves my lips feeling hydrated and natural, I forgot I am wearing it and for me that;s important, I want to get on with my day without worrying about getting hair on my lips, or smudging it. I have no faults with this lipstick and it was well worth the money, Chanel as always out stands me with the elegance, class and quality of their products. 

 Now I am super pleased with my recent purchases and I am glad I spent the money on the Chanel lipstick (not so much foundation). If any of you have recently got new make up let me know in the comments I would love to try them out.